This week’s podcast (as well as next week’s….so come back!) features Michaela and (guest host) Ben’s expert opinions on why Fort Wilderness is altogether awesome. But in case you want a little more info (or to follow up on some things we mentioned), have a look below!

  1. “The Cowboy Disney Special”  : OK, so Michaela wasn’t totally on the money with this because it didn’t actually happen in the 70s. (BUT she stands by her “cowboy stuff was popular in the 70s” statement.) This was actually filmed for the 10th anniversary special, which came out 11 years after the opening, in 1982. Regardless, this TV special is well worth every one of the 50 minutes of your life you will sink into it. Oh, and it does NOT have John Denver, but it DOES have John Schneider being a country star pickin’ up chicks and stuff and the Gatlin Brothers Band playing a show at Pioneer Hall at Fort Wilderness (where you’ll find the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue), and Dean Jones singing to his son Ricky Schroder while riding horses and while his son screams at him about his low allowance. So there’s plenty of Fort Wilderness and cowboy to go around. It’s so awkward. The bad news is that Michael Keaton (errr….”Kevin the Bellhop”), Mickey, Donald and Goofy don’t usually meet you on a red carpet if you check in at the Contemporary these days. Man, times sure do change.

2) If you don’t get motion sickness, here’s a super-speedy 13-second drive through from Reception Outpost to our RV at the 1400 loop!

3) Fort Wilderness is a BIG place, so be sure and check out the Resort Map to find what loop you would like to request. We like the 1400 Loop and several near the Meadows, but your mileage may vary.

4) Did we mention how much we love Hoop Dee Doo? (I think we will next week, anyway.) It’s amazing for the whole family – even little ones! Check out the finale (and washboard fun!) with Ben and Michaela (and August) from a few years ago!

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