You ready for a sad story? 

I’ve been waiting for the super magical, long-rumored PURPLE MAGIC BAND to finally make it’s appearance on (These have been available for purchase for a few months, but not as one of the free options.)  I put off ordering my new Annual Passholder MagicBand for months in hopes that finally I could proudly order the PURPLE MAGIC BAND.

Finally….I gave up. I was getting closer to my next trip and I decided…I was probably not going to get the PURPLE MAGIC BAND. I clicked the YELLOW band choice, watching my hopes and dreams of the PURPLE MAGIC BAND evaporate into thin air. Alas… had been so many months since I heard the rumors, that I thought for sure it wasn’t happening.

Then my YELLOW MagicBand arrived in the mail last week. Hello new MB! Good to see you!

The next day….


They added the PURPLE MAGIC BAND to the free choices available to all. 

The. Very. Next. Day. 

So the sad news is that I didn’t get the Purple MB for my AP band this year.

The good news is that NOW YOU CAN! 

Go order yours and get ready for your trip! (After you sign in to your account go to “MyDisneyExperience>Magic Bands and Cards”)

You can even personalize it and everything! I recommend something like “NotMichaelasPurpleBand”.

If you do this and take a picture of it and send it to me I’ll be super excited.

Have fun with your MagicBands, PURPLE or not!

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